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Create With Clay is located in St. Joseph, MI.  Projects are soft clay guided by a pottery expert.  We will explore your tastes to ensure your projects are your personal clay expressions.
Text 269 325-POTS to schedule
seating is limited

Available Hours: 
Mondays 9am-4pm
Tuesdays 9am-9pm
Wednesdays  9am-9pm
Thursdays 9am-4pm
Fridays 2pm-9pm
Saturdays 9am-11am
Sundays 2pm-9pm


Whatever the project, I will be right there making whatever you choose.  Expect patient, encouraging coaching from a potter with 30 years of experience.  I'll help you get the best outcome. Project pricing goes down when there are more people splitting my time.

Wheel Fun

Two sessions (approximately 2 hours)

  • SESSION 1: Working with Soft Clay

    • Create pottery using a wheel

    • Includes a lump of clay, instruction, and all the tools you need

  • SESSION 2​: After first firing

    • Generally about 2 weeks after the first session

    • Decorate and color​!

PRICING:  Third Wheel special (3 people- no more - no less ;)  $28 each

Single person  $58

2 People $34 each

4-5 People $22 each

6+ People $18 each

Pottery Wheel

Team Building

Soft Clay Vase $24 per person (4+ people)

Each team member starts off the design of their vase by impressing designs, stencil mandalas, etc.  Then the vase goes to the person to their right, who adds to the design using their own flair but keeping the original designer in mind.  The vases get passed off to each team member until it reaches the owner.  A personal keepsake is created with the unique touches of each person on the team.


Glasses Holder

1 Person $60

2-3 People $36 each

4-5 People $24 each

6-11 People $20 each

12+ People $18 each

Desktop Christmas Tree

Create the base on one of our pottery wheels.  Deadline Dec 10 to create in order to allow for firings.  Price includes all instruction and materials.

Jewelry Holder

Display your favorite rings and necklaces

Decorated with one of our mandal stencils, this is a super easy project to do.


Make a Mug

Two sessions

  • SESSION 1: Working With Soft Clay

    • This project is a collaboration between our potter and you

      • We start you out with a soft clay cup. 

    • You then add a braided or embellished handle. 

    • Decorate with stamps or stencils.

    • Your mug is left to dry out and undergo the first firing.

  • ​SESSION 2: Roughly 2 Weeks Later

See More
Mug Project_edited.jpg
Woman in Pottery Studio
Painted Mug 1.jpg

Salvaged Expressions

  • Take anything we've rescued with a glazed surface and apply painted detail. 

  • We have an extensive collection of tiles, mugs, vases, teapots, lidded containers, plates...

  • Ideal for those who are used to painting and watercolors.

  • Available for pickup within 2 days

Planter Project.jpg


  • SESSION 1: Working With Soft Clay

    • This is a collaboration between our potter and you.

      • We start you off with the planter base . 

    • You add coils, braids, stampings, embossing, stencil patterns. 

    • Once completed, your planter goes back to the studio to dry out and undergo the first firing.

  • SESSION 2: After Fire Decorating

    • Generally this is scheduled about 2 weeks later

    • Glaze and color​ your plante

Altered Vase1.jpg

Woven Vase

  • SESSION 1: Working With Soft Clay

    • This is a collaboration between our potter and you.

      • We provide you a vase of soft clay which you will embellish.

    • For the artist with confidence.

    • You cut the vase in half

      • Add braids, coils, or texture to the bottom half of the vase.

      • When the bottom half is done, you will put the top of the vase back on the part you just added.

    • Your vase goes back to

Glazing Example.jpg

Decorate Hand Thrown Bisque

Single Session Projects

  • Simple, one day project

  • Decorate a piece of hand made pottery

  • Choose from mugs, vases, bowls

  • Available for pickup after the glaze firing.  Click here to see Glaze options.  Click here to see colors for under clear glaze.


Pinch Pets

Easy for all ages, these can be elaborate or simple.  Choose from many different characters.   PRICING:

1 Person $24

2-3 People $21 each

4-5 People $18 each

6+ People $15 each

Woven Bowl

Two Sessions

Using clay strips, weave a bowl!  Strips can be textured or plain.  Come back after the first firing to glaze.  PRICING:


Pencil Cup

2 Sessions

Come back after firing to glaze.

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