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Decorating Options

and time needed to create your design

Painted Mug 1.jpg

Painting Over Glaze

1-2 hours

Easy to do, how it looks when you are done painting is how it will look after firing.  It's not as durable and needs to be hand washed only.

Embossing Stains

1-2 hours

Enhance textures and details with color then cover with a clear glaze.   Works well with stamps. See Colors.

21-4 Baby Mug.jpg
Drips Micro Glaze.jpg

Stencil Micro Glazing

3+ hours

Using multiple glaze colors, each needs to be applied 3 times (3 coats of glaze needed).  This process is for those who are detailed and patient. Some patterns here.


Stencils Outlined and Carved

2-3 hours

While the clay is still soft, the stencil gets pressed into the clay.  You can also use stamps.  Details can be enhanced with a variety of tools.

Stencils Sponged With Colors

1-2 hours

Executed more like traditional stenciling on bisque ware.  Can be used as a starting point to add additional brushed detail.  See Colors.


Beautiful Glazes

Original formulas

Pull inspiration from your favorite clothes, patterns, nature!  Sample tiles will show you what the colors look like.

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